"Through education, innovation and promotion, our vision is to be the leading information security organization in Hong Kong."

Hong Kong ICT Awards 2019

HKISG Introduction

The Hong Kong Information Security Group (HKISG) is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing awareness to the area of information security. The group provides the public with an educational forum, area specific publications and the ability to interact with information security practitioners.

HKISG's Commitment

HKISG is committed to promoting confidentiality, integrity and availability in information storage and exchange. The groups aim is to enhance security in information for the benefit of citizens, consumers, private enterprise and public sector organizations.

With an executive committee of professionals, representing some of the largest global companies in the world, HKISG facilitates interaction and education to create a more prosperous and efficient environment for Hong Kong information security systems.

HKISG Strategy

  • Globally Connected HKISG - conducts global research in order to keep up-to-date on the latest developments in the area of IT information security.
  • Awareness - Through various public initiatives, HKISG will bring awareness to information security, while also building the groups profile and credibility.
  • Membership - HKISG aims to build a strong network of members to facilitate more efficient and wide-reaching exchanges.
  • Professional Network -To develop relationships with industry professionals and leading companies which will allow HKISG to influence change in information security practices.


HKISG welcomes members from all walks of life who are concerned and interested in the area of information security. Members are invited to join group organized functions and have the ability to become active participants in promoting information security in Hong Kong.

Joining the group will expose members to an elite network of professionals, educators, and students from various walks of life all concerned with information security. Members are kept informed of latest developments from global information security conferences, research, news, advocacy efforts and security solutions.